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Recently I was interviewed by The Guardian , they wanted my take on the new show “Roadies”. Here is a link:


  • I’m going to be on The Classic Metal Show this Saturday night with Richie Kotzen from The Winery Dogs, I guess we’re just going out live, no pre record. I’ll be talking about my years on the road, and my book “We Are The Road Crew”. Check out the link for details, should be a good show…
    Road Crew cover

A few months ago I released an audio book version of my book, “We Are The Road Crew”. I released a promo video for it, and now my narrator Tim has added a voice over. Here is a link to the new video:

Here is a link to my Amazon page:

And here is a link to my Youtube page:


We Are The Road Crew Audiobook

My book, “We Are The Road Crew” is now available as an audiobook, here is the video for it, please repost, Thanks, Ken

We Are The Road Crew Audiobook

After many months and a lot of work, the “We Are The Road Crew” audiobook is nearly ready for release. Please watch for it on Itunes, Amazon, and


Thanks, Ken

WATRC_Cover Audio 3

When I first released my book, “We Are The Road Crew” I also envisioned a television show based on it. Sort of a Rock and Roll Deadliest Catch. I put together a marketing plan and spent a year and a half and many many dollars trying to get it made. Ultimately I was not successful. Someone else has managed to get a road crew show on, “Warped Roadies”, not what I envisioned but worth checking out.


Road Crew cover

I recently took a weekend and gave away the Kindle edition of my book, “We Are The Road Crew” for free. I just saw the report and the number of people that took me up on it was staggering. All I would ask is that you please review the book on Amazon when you have the time. Thanks, Ken Barr