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I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to everyone that participated in this past weekends free Kindle book event. As usual the response was overwhelming, I appreciate the support, and look forward to your reviews of my work. Thank you again, Ken

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I have mentioned earlier my friend George Silk in Japan. He was a shopkeeper that sold Kimonos and all the other touristy stuff you would want. But his sales approach was unique. he would invite you in to hang out and give you beer. If there were enough of you, he would invite you back for a barbecue. He had this little patch of grass in front of his store where he set up his grill and chairs, it was awesome. I have photos here with the 1990 Cooper band and crew at the BBQ, T Bone Carradonna, Ralph, Batty, Eric Singer, Al Pitrelli, Derek Sherinian, Putter T…Everyone came out. We hung together like brothers on that tour.