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Once again I will be giving away Kindle versions of my book, “We Are The Road Crew”, for free this Saturday and Sunday. All that I ask is that when you have a moment , please post a review of some kind on Amazon, as this helps new authors such as myself  out a lot. The book is about my career in Rock and Roll, starting out in the clubs of Long Island where I’m from, to my years touring the world with KISS, Alice Cooper and many other artists. Thanks for your support. I will provide a link:



I have set up my Blog more like a web site, with different pages for different things, please check it out and repost.

Thanks, Ken

I’ve changed my Blog a bit, made it more like a website, please check out this home link:

Thanks, Ken

My book, “We Are The Road Crew”, recalls my days touring as a tech for KISS, Alice Cooper, Stone Temple Pilots, Rainbow, and many other artists. It was a great time in my life and I am still in contact with a lot of my old road brothers. It is also available on Kindle, check it out! I am including a link. Thanks, Ken



I have recently recommitted myself to music. I am currently working on some new ideas for heavy music with soul. I call this project “Days of Rage”. I don’t know where that name came from, it found me, and it fits. Please watch for updates and support “Days of Rage” when I make it happen. That’s while I support my newest film in festivals, work on my next film, publish another book, etc….. Anyone that knows me knows the drill…. Thanks, Ken

The Kindle version of “We Are The Road Crew ” is still free this weekend, today and tomorrow. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Ken Barr

I am putting the Kindle version of my book, “We Are The Road Crew” up for free memorial Day Weekend, all I ask is that you review either the Kindle or paperback version, Thanks, Ken Barr


I recently took a weekend and gave away the Kindle edition of my book, “We Are The Road Crew” for free. I just saw the report and the number of people that took me up on it was staggering. All I would ask is that you please review the book on Amazon when you have the time. Thanks, Ken Barr

Please bookmark my Amazon page and repost where you can. Keep checking back, as I have some exciting new projects in the works. Thanks, Ken Barr

My book, “We Are The Road Crew” is now available on Kindle. Soon it will be on other platforms as well. Here is the link :