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Work is done on my latest, a book about losing love and handling the process. The book is called “Thirty-Three Wednesdays and will be available soon. Here is the cover :wednesdays hyphen.png


My newest book, “Thirty-Three Wednesdays” is finally complete and will be available soon. Please stay tuned for updates !!

Here is an excerpt :


 Love can be a confusing thing, an elusive thing to chase. And finding it, and having all the factors line up. Maybe you meet right after one of you gets married, or decides to take a job cross country. So not only are we looking for true love, but we have to time it right or it won’t work.

 That’s where this story begins, by finding true love. No the factors did not line up. I had missed my window by a little bit. But I was determined. I would never give up on love, not even if it took years. This wasn’t something I set out to do, fall in love with someone so far away that, whether or not she was happy, Janelle was not available. There was family to consider and other road blocks I was never privy to. But all I knew was that I was feeling true love for the first time in my life, so yes, I kept the blinders on.

 So what you hold here is the tale of something special.

 Why 33 Wednesdays you ask? The end came on a Wednesday, and as we had never gone long without talking, I started counting the weeks every Wednesday as things progressed. Finally, at 33 weeks I stopped counting.

 That being said I think it’s time to put a few things out there. The first is that I will own all of this, all the mistakes and hurt. I could have left at any time, but I chose to stay in it and keep trying. I’ll also own the fact that I have issues that contributed to all this. I’m a fixer by nature, so the harder things got the harder I tried. It’s not in my nature to walk away.

It’s up to me whether I stay or leave; I can’t blame anyone other than myself. No one can hurt me unless I let them, period.

Ken Barr