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From The Ashes

Emerging from the ashes,

Much like a Phoenix reborn,

So unrecognizable,

Charred to the bone in places,

Horribly scorched, but standing,

Standing and moving forward,

Leaving the ashes behind.

As the flames consumed my life,

Some chose to fuel the fire,

Others watched and did nothing,

And some turned their backs and left,

Leaving the fire to burn.

Few tried to put out the flames,

And they are the special ones,

They are my humanity,

The soul that kept me alive,

Burning themselves just to help,

Help pull me from the fire.

Starting over now feeling,

Just like a force of nature,

Unstoppable, powerful,

Tempered by the flames, stronger,

So much stronger than before,

Able to do anything,

Surviving the fire means,

There’s nothing you can’t survive,

And there’s nothing you can’t do,

Limitless, the world is yours.

Ken Barr