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I have set up my Blog more like a web site, with different pages for different things, please check it out and repost.

Thanks, Ken

I’ve changed my Blog a bit, made it more like a website, please check out this home link:

Thanks, Ken

Please bookmark my Amazon page and repost where you can. Keep checking back, as I have some exciting new projects in the works. Thanks, Ken Barr

My book, “We Are The Road Crew” is now available on Kindle. Soon it will be on other platforms as well. Here is the link :

I’ve had a lot of changes in my life recently, and have gotten away from this Blog. I am back on my feet and back on the Blog. For my first Blog I just want to send out the link to my Amazon page for those not familiar with my work. Thanks, Ken


Not so long ago I wrote a book describing my days touring as a tech with KISS, Alice Cooper, STP and many other bands. It is called “We Are The Road Crew”. On Amazon you can preview most of the book and see if you’ll like it. Thanks, Ken Barr

I have a page on Amazon where you can find my latest work. Please watch for new releases in the next week or two. Thanks, Ken

I have just started using my Facebook page for the book again, here is the link:!/pages/Ken-Barr-author-We-Are-The-Road-Crew/127325692428

When I first started working for KISS in 1992 we did a club tour in the States, and then went over to the U.K. to play arenas. As plans for the Revenge stage set were not finalized, we did the shows with the stage set from the previous tour, Hot in the Shade. In the picture that’s me sitting at Erics drum kit.



Ken Barr at the drum kit

In 1995 I was part of the KISS road crew, and one of the things we did that year was the Unplugged video shoot. That whole summer the band had been doing their own convention tour, and playing an unplugged show of their own, although at that time Gene was playing an electric bass, for the video shoot we had to find him an acoustic bass. I had been teching for both Gene Simmons and Eric Singer all summer, and when it came time for the shoot, I teched for Peter Criss as well. It made for a hectic work schedule, but I was just glad I could be part of it. Ken Barr