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From December 31 through January 2, my book, “A Little Lost Sometimes” will be free for Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle, they have a free app so that you can read Kindle books on your computer. Happy New Year! 

A link to my book :

A Little Lost

Gypsy Woman

Gypsy woman, deal me again,

These Tarot cards are not my friend,

Each day begins, then it’s over,

One by one, all wasted sober.


I breathe you in, you breathe me too,

We are as one, I become you,

Cocaine whispers, heroin eyes,

Truth becomes love, one of life’s lies.


Never knowing what ours could be,

The red light obscures your beauty,

Hold the spoon over the candle,

Life is just too hard to handle.


The Ouija board tells our story,

Maps out our life, all our glory,

Take my hand, hold on forever,

We will always be together.


Ken Barr

Gypsy Woman



As I sit here next to your grave,

So overgrown and uncared for,

I think about the life you lived,

And wonder if you’re remembered.


In life you were always alone,

Looking for something or someone,

Trying hard but going nowhere,

Letting your life just pass you by.


But the sand in the hourglass,

Eventually ran its course,

In the end it found you, alone,

So many years, nothing to show.


Laid to rest on a cold fall day,

All the chapters are now written,

Yes as I look upon my grave,

I wish I had done so much more.


Ken Barr



My new book, “Renaissance”, went live on Kindle this morning. Now it is available in paperback on Amazon. With this book I have made a serious attempt at change and growth. I have also broadened the subject matter, from gladiators of ancient Rome, to Vincent van Gogh, and a wide variety of other topics. Hope you like it, thanks for looking, Ken


My new book ,”Renaissance” is now available on Kindle and will be on Amazon in about a week. With this book I have made a serious attempt at change and growth. I have also broadened the subject matter, from gladiators of ancient Rome, to Vincent van Gogh, and a wide variety of other topics. Hope you like it, thanks for looking, Ken


More Than Words Can Say

It’s late, and I’m thinking about you,

Can’t seem to stop, still wondering,

Wondering, are you coming back?

Or will I keep waiting for you,

Waiting for the day when you know,

That this is where you want to be,

That this is where you want to stay,

Here with me for all of our days,

Here with me for all of our nights,

All of our lives and so much more,

More than words can say.

 Ken Barr

I have always been intrigued my Knights of Medieval Times, I wrote this some time ago, and just tweaked it, hope you like it. Ken

A Knight Before Battle

Heading for the battlefield knowing,

That the odds against a victory,

Are so great that they are staggering,

I won’t ever leave this battlefield,

Here is where my last battle is fought.


As I head toward the enemy,

All that I can think about is you,

And the life we have had together,

I have no fear now only sadness,

Because today we part forever.


This I do for my king and country,

As I have done before, what I must,

As I do my duty for honor,

I can see that there is no honor,

Leaving you for a fools errand.


But turning back is not an option,

The dogs of war have just been unleashed,

And I charge headlong into the fray,

Steel upon steel, and steel upon flesh,

Countless numbers of the enemy.


The battle wears on, the enemy,

Overwhelm us with their sheer numbers,

Still fighting on, and then I feel it,

I can feel the sword piercing my chest,

But I feel no pain except for you.


I know my dying will break your heart,

And as I lay here, life leaving me,

All feelings are replaced with sadness,

Sadness that I won’t see you again,

Your beautiful face is my last thought.


Ken Barr


Spiritual Machine

I can see when I look inward,

I’m a spiritual machine,

Connected to so many things,

Connected to everything,

Everything that I can touch,

Everything that I can see,

Connected in so many ways,

Ways I could never imagine,

Connected deeply, completely,

Connected spiritually,

With bonds that will last forever,

With bonds that have always been there,

In touch with the world around me,

In touch with myself, finally,

More a spiritual being,

Somehow becoming so much more.


Ken Barr


I’ve been away from these pages a while, now I’m back with something I recently wrote. Ken

The Light

Everything I thought I knew,
Seems I didn’t know anything,
Where I stand in the big picture,
Or in the smaller day to day,
Walking down a dark country road,
Alone, listening to the wind,
Only my thoughts for company,
Thoughts, dreams and hopes for better days,
Days with fewer disappointments,
The lonely road in front of me,
Seems like it goes on forever,
But with each step I get closer,
Closer to standing in the light.

Ken Barr

New Work, “Moved”

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Poetry and Prose
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Moved, by the woman that you are,
By the love that you have shown me,
By the way that my heart races,
When I hold you close, next to me.

Moved with feelings and emotions,
I thought I had lost long ago.

Holding you is so intimate,
I never knew it could be so,
A closeness that we both can feel,
Like nothing that we have felt before.

Moved, there are no words to describe,
The feelings that are in my heart.

Holding you softly in the night,
Watching you sleep, hearing you breathe,
I know this is where I should be,
Moved, so lucky that I found you.

Ken Barr