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From The Ashes

Emerging from the ashes,

Much like a Phoenix reborn,

So unrecognizable,

Charred to the bone in places,

Horribly scorched, but standing,

Standing and moving forward,

Leaving the ashes behind.

As the flames consumed my life,

Some chose to fuel the fire,

Others watched and did nothing,

And some turned their backs and left,

Leaving the fire to burn.

Few tried to put out the flames,

And they are the special ones,

They are my humanity,

The soul that kept me alive,

Burning themselves just to help,

Help pull me from the fire.

Starting over now feeling,

Just like a force of nature,

Unstoppable, powerful,

Tempered by the flames, stronger,

So much stronger than before,

Able to do anything,

Surviving the fire means,

There’s nothing you can’t survive,

And there’s nothing you can’t do,

Limitless, the world is yours.

Ken Barr


The Table

As I sit here in my cell,

Pondering my last hours,

Asking myself which is worse,

Dying when I did nothing,

Or my legacy, the world,

Thinking I’m this criminal?


I know that I’m innocent,

But the court did not agree,

They judged me and sentenced me,

To pay the ultimate price,

For something I didn’t do,

God, can’t you stop this madness?


As I’m led to the death room,

I think about my captors,

And how they are killing me,

Will their God judge them as they,

Have judged me? After all they’re,

Murdering an innocent,

Are they beyond redemption?


I’m strapped to a table and,

Put on display as I die,

I can feel the needle pierce,

My flesh, and words are spoken,

But by now I’m somewhere else,

My disbelief and terror,

Numbing me to my own end.


As I feel the life draining,

From my body I find peace,

I forgive these poor wretches,

For they know not what they do,

I can sense the end, it’s near,

No more pain upon this earth.


Ken Barr


Like A Peasant Before A Queen

When I first gazed upon you there,

So regal in all your beauty,

I stood transfixed, it was as though,

I was looking at royalty,

From long ago, another time,

And I felt as though I could touch,

The stars in the sky before I,

Could be in the same league as you,

Like trying to kiss an angel.

Your smile, laugh, the touch of your hand,

All coalesced and took my heart,

It was yours now, and I was too,

Breathless I soon forgot about,

The space that had been between us,

My hands begin to shake as I,

Stand here humbly before you,

Asking for your heart and your love,

Like a peasant before a queen.

Ken Barr

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The Ghost of Romance

As I stumble through this empty house,

Each room a memory of its own,

Memories of better days we had,

Days filled with hopes and dreams for so much.


But now each room sits cold and empty,

A reminder that those days are gone,

The future that we planned never was,

Like each room it’s silent and empty.


Living in the shadows of what was,

And wondering about what wasn’t,

Alone with my memories and questions,

Standing here with the ghost of romance.


Ken Barr


Sometimes I wish that I could,

Forget you and what we had,

It’s so hard moving forward,

Without you and the future,

That we planned for each other.


Each day is a reminder,

That we are getting further,

Apart, more days between us,

More time since I heard your voice,

Too much time since I held you.


Forgetting would be easy,

But I don’t want to forget,

How I felt when I held you,

Or when I first heard your voice,

Those memories are magic,

And I’ll hold them forever.


Ken Barr


Trust, more than just a word,

It’s exposing yourself,

Being vulnerable,

That first step is so hard,

But when you can give it,

Freely, comfortably,

The whole world opens up,

No more doubts or worries,

Trust is a special place,

A place where you are safe,


Trust me when you’re ready,

Trust that I am sincere,

Trust deep down I’m the person,

That your heart says I am,

I won’t disappoint you,

And I have trusted you,

Since the day we first met,

Somehow I knew I could,

And I know I still can,

Trust, so comfortably.


Ken Barr

I Only Bleed When I’m Alone

 Armor plated, unbreakable,

That’s all that I let the world see,

Bullet proof, shatter proof, tempered,

Tough enough to withstand it all.


But your words can pierce my armor,

Against them I am defenseless,

I won’t let it show I’m injured,

Pride forces me to keep standing.


Standing in the face of your loss,

Such a difficult thing to do,

My armor holds me together,

And it keeps me from falling down.


When you turn and leave don’t look back,

There won’t be anything to see,

I can’t let you know that it hurts,

I only bleed when I’m alone.

Ken Barr