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Is This The Best That We Can Do?

We seem so advanced but there’s still,

Far too much hurting in our world,

Homeless children fill our cities,

Out on the street scared and alone,

Frightened that they won’t eat today,

Terrified of their tomorrow,

And all the horrors it might bring,

Still running from the home they knew,

Where growing up was so much worse,

And every day there are more,

Running hard just to get away,

They’re running with nowhere to go,

These innocent children deserve,

Such a better start to their lives,

But they grow up battered, hopeless,

Beaten down before they can start,

Is this the best that we can do?

I’m so ashamed.




Ken Barr

This was written with someone in mind, I don’t know that they’ll ever see it, but here it is…

There’s Nothing I Can Say

No matter how I try,
Things still remain the same,
You’re far away from me,
In a way more than miles,
Further away each day.

I’ve done all that I can,
To be the one that you need,
To start a life with you,
To be everything,
Just as you are to me.

It’s been hard to admit,
But I can’t fool myself,
I’ve been trying too hard,
And avoiding the truth,
Because I wanted you.

There’s nothing I can say,
There’s nothing I can do,
To change things between us,
To have you here with me,
To be yours forever.

Without you I stand alone.

Ken Barr

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I’ve taken a little time off from writing, I just wasn’t feeling it, I have been very prolific as of late. This just came to me so I guess I am back to it. Hope you enjoy ! Ken

Everywhere You’re There

As I go through my day,

Everywhere you’re there,

No matter where I look,

No matter what I do,

You are always with me,

Living inside my heart,

Always a part of me,

No matter where you are,

Together, forever,

Until the end of time.


Ken Barr

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Thanks, Ken

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Thank you, Ken

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Believe in Me

I hope you can believe in me,

I’m all the things you think I am,

And I’ll always be there for you,

Without fail, I’ll always be there.


I’ll be there for all the hard times,

I’ll get you through all the rough days,

The days you think you can’t survive,

I’ll make life worth living again.


Believe that I’ll take care of you,

You are everything to me,

Believe that I’m the one for you,

Listen to your heart and you’ll know.


Believe in me.


Ken Barr

Never Fell This Hard Before

I wake up thinking of you,

You’re the first thing on my mind,

You were my last thought last night,

Constantly you are with me,

Like a guardian angel.


Thinking of you makes me smile,

And a chill goes down my spine,

I can’t wait ‘till I see you,

The thought gives me butterflies,

Like a kid on his first date.


Dreaming about you nightly,

Thinking about you daily,

These feelings are new to me,

Powerful, and I know I,

Never fell this hard before.


I’m just glad it was for you.



Ken Barr

Hold Back The Rain

If I could hold back the rain,

And protect you from sorrow,

Take all of your hurt away,

I would give anything to.


I would fix all the heart breaks,

And wash away all your pain,

Leave you with nothing but love,

Give you back your tomorrows,

Make them worth living again.


If I could hold back the rain,

And push the dark clouds away,

Give you hope for better days,

I would give that all to you.


Ken Barr