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Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you,

I would never let that happen,

I know what it’s like to be hurt,

That’s why I could never hurt you,

Honesty and sincerity,

Are the only things that matter,

I wear my heart on my sleeve so,

You can see what my feelings are,

And decide for yourself if this,

Man that stands before you is real,

Someone to open your heart to,

Someone you can trust and be with,

Someone to hold you when you’re sad,

And when he tells you it will be,

All right, you know that it will be,

And you’ll know deep down in your heart,

That you’ll never be hurt again.


Ken Barr


The Author Ken Barr






The nightmares of my yesterdays,

Still wake me up throughout the night,

Haunted by demons from my past,

Demons that I’ve known for so long,

I know them all by their first name.


The gates of heaven stand tall and,

Strong, a fortress to keep me out,

Archangels ready for battle,

Surround this fortress called heaven,

Against these odds I have no chance.


But there was someone once I thought,

Could help me atone for my wrongs,

When the time came she wasn’t there,

Alone I am an unwelcome,

Soul accused of too many sins.


I thought you’d be my salvation,

I know I’m beyond redemption,

Destined to spend all my days,

Wandering through purgatory.


Ken Barr



The Ghost of Romance

As I stumble through this empty house,

Each room a memory of its own,

Memories of better days we had,

Days filled with hopes and dreams for so much.


But now each room sits cold and empty,

A reminder that those days are gone,

The future that we planned never was,

Like each room it’s silent and empty.


Living in the shadows of what was,

And wondering about what wasn’t,

Alone with my memories and questions,

Standing here with the ghost of romance.


Ken Barr


Fearless, not afraid to,

Put my heart right out there,

On my sleeve, in your hands,

Either way I’d rather,

Put it out and let it,

Get broken one more time,

Rather than hide it in,

The shadows and afraid,

Always wondering if,

I had missed out on love.


Ken Barr

The Wreckage

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Poetry and Prose
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The Wreckage

Trying to salvage what I can,

From all the wreckage of my life,

Looking for something of value,

Amongst the debris in the road.


Lost faith, lost values and lost friends,

I’ve lost more than I knew I had,

The debris yields little more than,

Yesterday’s dreams and memories.


I walk away empty handed,

And leave the debris in the road,

I started this life with nothing,

It seems fitting that I start my,

New life over with nothing too.



Ken Barr


A Little Lost

Wandering, always wandering,

A compass without a needle,

Around the world so many times,

Looking, but not knowing what for.


A quest, but one with no purpose,

Searching for something my heart felt,

But one my mind could not describe,

Always knowing that when I found,

The object of my long search that,

I would know it and be complete.


But after so many years and,

More miles than I remember,

I was ready to end the search,

Condemn myself to being lost,

It was at that exact moment,

Exhausted beyond words that I,

Found what I had searched for, so long.


When I saw you I knew that my,

Search could at long last be over,

My heart always knew you were there,

My body was just slow to find you,

Hold me in your arms forever,

I will never be lost again.


Ken Barr


A Rose By The Window


Just dried out a rose and,

Hung it by the window,

It was for you, and I,

Never got to give it,

One last token of love,

Before you left my life.


I’ll keep it and think of,

You and what we both shared,

All the hopes and dreams that,

We always talked about.


I don’t want to forget,

All the good that we had,

Those were the best moments,

That I have ever known.


As long as that rose is,

Hanging in the window,

You will always be here,

In my heart forever.

Ken Barr

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone that took the time to take advantage of this past weekends free download of the Kindle version of my book, “Moments in Time”.  Thank you all for all your e mails of encouragement, for those that didn’t notice, my e mail is in the books credits. I promise to respond to each and every e mail. I just honestly didn’t expect the magnitude of the response I got, it’s a bit overwhelming. I can’t thank everyone enough for your continued encouragement and support, I feel blessed. Without you, I would just be a guy at a desk typing for nothing.

Thank you again, Ken