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Missing You

Missing you more than usual,

I always do, but today it,

Is such a huge gap in my life,

An empty place I can’t hide from,

A loneliness that gets so strong,

I don’t know why I’m feeling it,

More today than any other,

Some things I’ll never understand.


Ken Barr


Love Me Until The Day I Die

Sometimes I can’t find the right words,

To really tell you how I feel,

To convey all the emotions,

That make me the person I am.


I want so much for you to know,

How I really feel about you,

How much you truly mean to me,

All that you bring into my world.


With each conversation it seems,

Like I have known you all my life,

With each embrace I know that I,

Want you in the rest of my life.


What I would ask is from the heart,

And to me it’s everything,

All I can hope is that you will,

Love me until the day I die.


Be with me always.



Ken Barr

I have always been intrigued my Knights of Medieval Times, I wrote this some time ago, and just tweaked it, hope you like it. Ken

A Knight Before Battle

Heading for the battlefield knowing,

That the odds against a victory,

Are so great that they are staggering,

I won’t ever leave this battlefield,

Here is where my last battle is fought.


As I head toward the enemy,

All that I can think about is you,

And the life we have had together,

I have no fear now only sadness,

Because today we part forever.


This I do for my king and country,

As I have done before, what I must,

As I do my duty for honor,

I can see that there is no honor,

Leaving you for a fools errand.


But turning back is not an option,

The dogs of war have just been unleashed,

And I charge headlong into the fray,

Steel upon steel, and steel upon flesh,

Countless numbers of the enemy.


The battle wears on, the enemy,

Overwhelm us with their sheer numbers,

Still fighting on, and then I feel it,

I can feel the sword piercing my chest,

But I feel no pain except for you.


I know my dying will break your heart,

And as I lay here, life leaving me,

All feelings are replaced with sadness,

Sadness that I won’t see you again,

Your beautiful face is my last thought.


Ken Barr


Spiritual Machine

I can see when I look inward,

I’m a spiritual machine,

Connected to so many things,

Connected to everything,

Everything that I can touch,

Everything that I can see,

Connected in so many ways,

Ways I could never imagine,

Connected deeply, completely,

Connected spiritually,

With bonds that will last forever,

With bonds that have always been there,

In touch with the world around me,

In touch with myself, finally,

More a spiritual being,

Somehow becoming so much more.


Ken Barr


I’ve been away from these pages a while, now I’m back with something I recently wrote. Ken

The Light

Everything I thought I knew,
Seems I didn’t know anything,
Where I stand in the big picture,
Or in the smaller day to day,
Walking down a dark country road,
Alone, listening to the wind,
Only my thoughts for company,
Thoughts, dreams and hopes for better days,
Days with fewer disappointments,
The lonely road in front of me,
Seems like it goes on forever,
But with each step I get closer,
Closer to standing in the light.

Ken Barr

Book Description:

The words you find here are my interpretations of life as it is today, through poetry and prose. Each day life changes and trying to capture a single moment is like trying to catch lightning in a bottle. But isn’t that what writing is? Between these covers I have placed my life as it is today, preserved for all posterity. As I look back over it, I’m sure I’ll question what I was thinking as I wrote this. But isn’t it the same when you look at old photos of yourself? You look at the clothes and haircut and think to yourself, what was I thinking? Hopefully the thoughts between these covers will be relevant longer than a haircut. I can only hope so. Thanks for reading, Ken Barr October 2012

Never Fell This Hard Before

I wake up thinking of you,

You’re the first thing on my mind,

You were my last thought last night,

Constantly you are with me,

Like a guardian angel.


Thinking of you makes me smile,

And a chill goes down my spine,

I can’t wait ‘till I see you,

The thought gives me butterflies,

Like a kid on his first date.


Dreaming about you nightly,

Thinking about you daily,

These feelings are new to me,

Powerful, and I know I,

Never fell this hard before.


I’m just glad it was for you.



Ken Barr

Hold Back The Rain

If I could hold back the rain,

And protect you from sorrow,

Take all of your hurt away,

I would give anything to.


I would fix all the heart breaks,

And wash away all your pain,

Leave you with nothing but love,

Give you back your tomorrows,

Make them worth living again.


If I could hold back the rain,

And push the dark clouds away,

Give you hope for better days,

I would give that all to you.


Ken Barr

Little Girl Lost

She’s been so mistreated,

Such a little girl lost,

Hurt by everyone,

Everyone she loved,

Afraid of being hurt,

She gets hurt every time.


When something good comes by,

It makes her so afraid,

So scared that something good,

Will hurt another way,

So she runs from something,

Something she should embrace.


She’s a little girl lost,

So lonely and alone,

By herself day and night,

She doesn’t need to be,

There are good things waiting,

Waiting out there for her.


She won’t be lost anymore.



Ken Barr

So Much More

There’s so much more than what you see,

What’s on the surface hides so much,

But if you take the time to go,

Beyond what you see you would be,

So surprised by what you find there.


The tough exterior conceals,

A soul that’s a thousand years old,

That’s intuitive to your needs,

That knows when to hold you closely,

And tell you it will be all right.


Deep inside you will find a heart,

With a capacity for love,

Unlike anything you have seen,

A heart that will always be there,

A heart that will always be true.


Lying just below the surface,

You will find all the things you want,

And everything you need,

Someone that will always love you,

Someone who will always be there.



Ken Barr