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Recently I have been looking back as often as I look forward. And the mistakes I made seem so clear, I don’t know why I made them. It’s never easy, seeing where you went wrong. And also not seeing when you had it all. I was thinking about someone that was in my life a long time ago, and a great life we had together. But I was afraid that staying there and being happy would somehow derail the career I had worked so hard to get. Imagine that, being afraid of being happy. If only I could go back in time. It’s ok to trade one dream for another, as long as you’re happy. Anyway, I just wrote “Gypsy Caravan”, about that time in my life.

Gypsy Caravan

Thinking about the house we had,
Up on the cliffs of San Pedro,
A small cottage by the ocean,
You had decorated like a,
Colorful gypsy caravan,
Scarves and cloth draped everywhere,
I really loved that place so much,
And our time together in it.

One of the few regrets I have,
As I look back on the life I’ve led,
Is walking away from that life,
The reasons then seemed important,
But looking back now I can see,
All the things I ever wanted,
Were in that gypsy caravan.

Ken Barr


This was written with someone in mind, I don’t know that they’ll ever see it, but here it is…

There’s Nothing I Can Say

No matter how I try,
Things still remain the same,
You’re far away from me,
In a way more than miles,
Further away each day.

I’ve done all that I can,
To be the one that you need,
To start a life with you,
To be everything,
Just as you are to me.

It’s been hard to admit,
But I can’t fool myself,
I’ve been trying too hard,
And avoiding the truth,
Because I wanted you.

There’s nothing I can say,
There’s nothing I can do,
To change things between us,
To have you here with me,
To be yours forever.

Without you I stand alone.

Ken Barr

Believe in Me

I hope you can believe in me,

I’m all the things you think I am,

And I’ll always be there for you,

Without fail, I’ll always be there.


I’ll be there for all the hard times,

I’ll get you through all the rough days,

The days you think you can’t survive,

I’ll make life worth living again.


Believe that I’ll take care of you,

You are everything to me,

Believe that I’m the one for you,

Listen to your heart and you’ll know.


Believe in me.


Ken Barr

Never Fell This Hard Before

I wake up thinking of you,

You’re the first thing on my mind,

You were my last thought last night,

Constantly you are with me,

Like a guardian angel.


Thinking of you makes me smile,

And a chill goes down my spine,

I can’t wait ‘till I see you,

The thought gives me butterflies,

Like a kid on his first date.


Dreaming about you nightly,

Thinking about you daily,

These feelings are new to me,

Powerful, and I know I,

Never fell this hard before.


I’m just glad it was for you.



Ken Barr

For All Eternity

After staring at the bright light,

And making my way toward it,

I find that I have walked through it,

And when my eyes adjust I see,

A small cottage in a green field,

I walk to the door and enter,

And inside I find you waiting,

I had expected heaven to,

Be what I was told as a child,

Pearly gates and clouds and angels,

But what I see before me is,

Heaven as it was meant for me,

A small cottage with only you,

For all eternity….


Ken Barr

Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you,

I would never let that happen,

I know what it’s like to be hurt,

That’s why I could never hurt you,

Honesty and sincerity,

Are the only things that matter,

I wear my heart on my sleeve so,

You can see what my feelings are,

And decide for yourself if this,

Man that stands before you is real,

Someone to open your heart to,

Someone you can trust and be with,

Someone to hold you when you’re sad,

And when he tells you it will be,

All right, you know that it will be,

And you’ll know deep down in your heart,

That you’ll never be hurt again.


Ken Barr


The Author Ken Barr




Hold Onto An Angel

I reached toward the heavens, higher,

Than I have ever reached before,

And somehow I was able to,

Meet an angel right from heaven,

Beauty like I have never seen,

And a voice like, well, an angel,

Talking with her was so easy,

Everything just seemed to fit.


In some ways we are worlds apart,

And in other ways we’re the same,

But I can’t help but wonder how,

A mere mortal like me, toiling,

Away starting his life over,

Literally back from square one,

How in the world can I ever,

Hope to hold onto an angel?


Ken Barr

Meet You In Heaven

So many things have kept us apart,

Things we just had no control over,

We didn’t meet in time in this life,

When we finally did there were too,

Many obstacles to overcome.


Trying so hard just to be with you,

Days going by without seeing you,

Before long years have gone by and we,

Realize we won’t be together,

Maybe in the next life we will meet.


Now I’m living my life like a saint,

So that I can get into heaven,

That’s where we’ll meet, I’ll be there waiting,

Waiting for you as long as it takes,

I’d never rest in peace without you.



Ken Barr

A Light in the Darkness

You are my light in the darkness,

Always leading me to safety,

No matter how rough the seas are,

You are my shelter from the storm.


No matter how hard things may get,

I can take it, knowing that you,

Will always be waiting for me,

When I’m in your arms I’m home.


Please don’t ever let me go.


Ken Barr