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I have written a fun sort of book to give to Dads, Husbands etc. It’s called “The Interactive Home Repair Fact Checking Guide “. Here’s a brief description:

Any of us that have ever repaired things around the home have always run into the same question, how to do it right. Typically, our experience tells us what to do, but many of us have someone in our lives that questions how we do our repairs. We know that we are doing the repair correctly; we just need for our doubters to know we are doing the repairs correctly. That is where this book comes in. This home repair fact checking guide is an interactive way to show that what you are attempting, and how you are attempting it, is correct. On each page you will find a heading for a different type of repair, and underneath you will find a space to write in your repair and how you are doing it. Turn the page and on the back you will find confirmation of your methods. You can even tear the page out if you want to show that certain someone. As they say, if it’s in print, it must be true.

My book, “We Are The Road Crew” is now available on Kindle. Soon it will be on other platforms as well. Here is the link :

I’ve had a lot of changes in my life recently, and have gotten away from this Blog. I am back on my feet and back on the Blog. For my first Blog I just want to send out the link to my Amazon page for those not familiar with my work. Thanks, Ken


I did an interview recently for, the interview just went live. I’ll post a link.

Not so long ago I wrote a book describing my days touring as a tech with KISS, Alice Cooper, STP and many other bands. It is called “We Are The Road Crew”. On Amazon you can preview most of the book and see if you’ll like it. Thanks, Ken Barr

I have a page on Amazon where you can find my latest work. Please watch for new releases in the next week or two. Thanks, Ken

I have just started using my Facebook page for the book again, here is the link:!/pages/Ken-Barr-author-We-Are-The-Road-Crew/127325692428

In 1989 I was on tour with The Bangles, awesome people to work for. On that tour we shot the video for the song “Be With You”. If you look close at 2 minutes 30 seconds you’ll see a very young Ken Barr. That was a fun tour, I teched for Michael Steele the bass player, and she was awesome.


Back in the 80’s I bass teched for Michael Steele, the bass player in The Bangles. Shane Greentree runs an unofficial fan site for her, and is currently interviewing me for it. Check out his site when you can, and watch for my interview. Thanks