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I have always been intrigued my Knights of Medieval Times, I wrote this some time ago, and just tweaked it, hope you like it. Ken

A Knight Before Battle

Heading for the battlefield knowing,

That the odds against a victory,

Are so great that they are staggering,

I won’t ever leave this battlefield,

Here is where my last battle is fought.


As I head toward the enemy,

All that I can think about is you,

And the life we have had together,

I have no fear now only sadness,

Because today we part forever.


This I do for my king and country,

As I have done before, what I must,

As I do my duty for honor,

I can see that there is no honor,

Leaving you for a fools errand.


But turning back is not an option,

The dogs of war have just been unleashed,

And I charge headlong into the fray,

Steel upon steel, and steel upon flesh,

Countless numbers of the enemy.


The battle wears on, the enemy,

Overwhelm us with their sheer numbers,

Still fighting on, and then I feel it,

I can feel the sword piercing my chest,

But I feel no pain except for you.


I know my dying will break your heart,

And as I lay here, life leaving me,

All feelings are replaced with sadness,

Sadness that I won’t see you again,

Your beautiful face is my last thought.


Ken Barr



Sometimes the things in life that are so important, seem just out of reach. What should be easy becomes a tempest, a storm so difficult to navigate, you don’t think you’ll ever get to where you were meant to be.


I’ve been trying to make you see,
We were meant to be together,
There are so many things we share,
At times we are the same person.

Lets not waste precious time waiting,
Waiting to start our lives again,
The time won’t ever be perfect,
So lets not lose another day.

You are my future, all I want,
The only one that holds my heart,
I can’t move forward in my life,
Without you, I’ve tried and I can’t.

I don’t want to grow old alone,
And without you I know I will.

Ken Barr

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I’ve taken a little time off from writing, I just wasn’t feeling it, I have been very prolific as of late. This just came to me so I guess I am back to it. Hope you enjoy ! Ken

Everywhere You’re There

As I go through my day,

Everywhere you’re there,

No matter where I look,

No matter what I do,

You are always with me,

Living inside my heart,

Always a part of me,

No matter where you are,

Together, forever,

Until the end of time.


Ken Barr

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Book Description:

The words you find here are my interpretations of life as it is today, through poetry and prose. Each day life changes and trying to capture a single moment is like trying to catch lightning in a bottle. But isn’t that what writing is? Between these covers I have placed my life as it is today, preserved for all posterity. As I look back over it, I’m sure I’ll question what I was thinking as I wrote this. But isn’t it the same when you look at old photos of yourself? You look at the clothes and haircut and think to yourself, what was I thinking? Hopefully the thoughts between these covers will be relevant longer than a haircut. I can only hope so. Thanks for reading, Ken Barr October 2012

Hold Onto Your Heart

When I wasn’t looking love found me,

I’ve never felt it like this before,

At first I fought it but now I know,

I need to embrace it, hold it close.


Just to tell you, hold onto your heart,

Because you’ve already taken mine,

One day I’ll hold your heart in my hand,

And I will treasure it forever.


Hold onto my heart and I’ll hold yours,

A love that will last all of our days,

Closer than we ever knew we could,

Be, together forever as one.


You are the other half of me.


Ken Barr

Empty Without You

I’ve spent so many nights alone,

I never thought twice about it,

The nights just blended together,

So empty and solitary.


Then I spent an evening with you,

And realized a perfect night,

A magic evening that was,

Beautiful beyond measure.


It’s a wonderful memory,

One that I will hold on to, but,

Now I sit here and realize,

The nights are empty without you.


I never knew how quiet the night was.


Ken Barr