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A Little Lost

Wandering, always wandering,

A compass without a needle,

Around the world so many times,

Looking, but not knowing what for.


A quest, but one with no purpose,

Searching for something my heart felt,

But one my mind could not describe,

Always knowing that when I found,

The object of my long search that,

I would know it and be complete.


But after so many years and,

More miles than I remember,

I was ready to end the search,

Condemn myself to being lost,

It was at that exact moment,

Exhausted beyond words that I,

Found what I had searched for, so long.


When I saw you I knew that my,

Search could at long last be over,

My heart always knew you were there,

My body was just slow to find you,

Hold me in your arms forever,

I will never be lost again.


Ken Barr