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Ken Barr Films, in partnership with Chiola Productions have just completed principal photography on the film “Shadows Fall”, a movie the looks at life, death and what lies beyond. It has already been pre accepted to festivals. Here is the page, updates will be posted there as they occur.

Death from Shadows Fall the Movie

Mara Darrow from Shadows Fall the Movie


Combining Words With Pictures

Posted: December 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I’ve been writing a long time, but sometimes adding words to a picture can say so much more…


My Heart

Soul mate

My book, “We Are The Road Crew” is now available as an audiobook, here is the video for it, please repost, Thanks, Ken

We Are The Road Crew Audiobook

I have always been intrigued my Knights of Medieval Times, I wrote this some time ago, and just tweaked it, hope you like it. Ken

A Knight Before Battle

Heading for the battlefield knowing,

That the odds against a victory,

Are so great that they are staggering,

I won’t ever leave this battlefield,

Here is where my last battle is fought.


As I head toward the enemy,

All that I can think about is you,

And the life we have had together,

I have no fear now only sadness,

Because today we part forever.


This I do for my king and country,

As I have done before, what I must,

As I do my duty for honor,

I can see that there is no honor,

Leaving you for a fools errand.


But turning back is not an option,

The dogs of war have just been unleashed,

And I charge headlong into the fray,

Steel upon steel, and steel upon flesh,

Countless numbers of the enemy.


The battle wears on, the enemy,

Overwhelm us with their sheer numbers,

Still fighting on, and then I feel it,

I can feel the sword piercing my chest,

But I feel no pain except for you.


I know my dying will break your heart,

And as I lay here, life leaving me,

All feelings are replaced with sadness,

Sadness that I won’t see you again,

Your beautiful face is my last thought.


Ken Barr


New Work, “Moved”

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Poetry and Prose
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Moved, by the woman that you are,
By the love that you have shown me,
By the way that my heart races,
When I hold you close, next to me.

Moved with feelings and emotions,
I thought I had lost long ago.

Holding you is so intimate,
I never knew it could be so,
A closeness that we both can feel,
Like nothing that we have felt before.

Moved, there are no words to describe,
The feelings that are in my heart.

Holding you softly in the night,
Watching you sleep, hearing you breathe,
I know this is where I should be,
Moved, so lucky that I found you.

Ken Barr

Sometimes the things in life that are so important, seem just out of reach. What should be easy becomes a tempest, a storm so difficult to navigate, you don’t think you’ll ever get to where you were meant to be.


I’ve been trying to make you see,
We were meant to be together,
There are so many things we share,
At times we are the same person.

Lets not waste precious time waiting,
Waiting to start our lives again,
The time won’t ever be perfect,
So lets not lose another day.

You are my future, all I want,
The only one that holds my heart,
I can’t move forward in my life,
Without you, I’ve tried and I can’t.

I don’t want to grow old alone,
And without you I know I will.

Ken Barr

Recently I have been looking back as often as I look forward. And the mistakes I made seem so clear, I don’t know why I made them. It’s never easy, seeing where you went wrong. And also not seeing when you had it all. I was thinking about someone that was in my life a long time ago, and a great life we had together. But I was afraid that staying there and being happy would somehow derail the career I had worked so hard to get. Imagine that, being afraid of being happy. If only I could go back in time. It’s ok to trade one dream for another, as long as you’re happy. Anyway, I just wrote “Gypsy Caravan”, about that time in my life.

Gypsy Caravan

Thinking about the house we had,
Up on the cliffs of San Pedro,
A small cottage by the ocean,
You had decorated like a,
Colorful gypsy caravan,
Scarves and cloth draped everywhere,
I really loved that place so much,
And our time together in it.

One of the few regrets I have,
As I look back on the life I’ve led,
Is walking away from that life,
The reasons then seemed important,
But looking back now I can see,
All the things I ever wanted,
Were in that gypsy caravan.

Ken Barr

My new book, “A Little Lost Sometimes”, is now available in paperback on Amazon worldwide.  Here is a book description from Amazon:

“As the title indicates, this is a collection of my published works to date. I am including my books “Moments In Time”, “Byrjar aftur”, and” Leitað að Einn”. Along with those I am including excerpts from an unpublished book, “Loves Dark Days” and also a few other never before published works. I’m hoping that by including all this work in one volume, it will be easier to see the genesis of my work, as it is ever changing. Hopefully it will continue to change, and grow. As always, thank you for taking the time to read these words. Ken Barr November 2012”

Here is a link:          

I’ve taken a little time off from writing, I just wasn’t feeling it, I have been very prolific as of late. This just came to me so I guess I am back to it. Hope you enjoy ! Ken

Everywhere You’re There

As I go through my day,

Everywhere you’re there,

No matter where I look,

No matter what I do,

You are always with me,

Living inside my heart,

Always a part of me,

No matter where you are,

Together, forever,

Until the end of time.


Ken Barr

I have recently partnered with Kindle to make my Blog available to be sent directly to your Kindle. I will include a link to make it easier to find. There’s a 14 day free trial to check it out if you want.

Thanks, Ken