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In the past months I have given away literally thousands of copies of my work via Kindle. All I have asked is that anyone that is able, please leave an honest review. If you have time and are able, I would ask again that you leave a review. They are vitally important for new authors such as myself starting out. Getting the word out is so hard, so if you can, please leave a few words about your experiences with my work. I will leave a link to my Amazon page to make it easier. Thank you again.



I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to everyone that participated in this past weekends free Kindle book event. As usual the response was overwhelming, I appreciate the support, and look forward to your reviews of my work. Thank you again, Ken

Here’s a link to my Amazon page:


Once again I will be giving away Kindle versions of my book, “We Are The Road Crew”, for free this Saturday and Sunday. All that I ask is that when you have a moment , please post a review of some kind on Amazon, as this helps new authors such as myself  out a lot. The book is about my career in Rock and Roll, starting out in the clubs of Long Island where I’m from, to my years touring the world with KISS, Alice Cooper and many other artists. Thanks for your support. I will provide a link:


This coming Saturday and Sunday I am giving away my new book, “Byrjar Aftur” free on Kindle.  Mostly poetry and prose about change.  All that I ask is that when you have a moment, please review it on Amazon, reviews are important for new authors such as myself. I will provide a link:


As my body of work continues to grow, so does my Amazon page. They have treated me well, and for that I am thankful. I will include a link, please keep checking back for new projects. Occasinally I will continue to do free Kindle weekends with different books. Thank you, Ken


I just want to take a moment to thank everyone that took the time to take advantage of this past weekends free download of the Kindle version of my book, “Moments in Time”.  Thank you all for all your e mails of encouragement, for those that didn’t notice, my e mail is in the books credits. I promise to respond to each and every e mail. I just honestly didn’t expect the magnitude of the response I got, it’s a bit overwhelming. I can’t thank everyone enough for your continued encouragement and support, I feel blessed. Without you, I would just be a guy at a desk typing for nothing.

Thank you again, Ken

This weekend, Saturday and Sunday, I am making the Kindle version of my book, “Moments In Time” available for free, all I would ask is that you leave an honest review if you so choose. I don’t know what time Kindle starts these promotions, so please check back until the promotion starts. I will include a link here to make it easier. As always, thanks for your continued support. Ken Barr