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My latest book, “Christmas Stories” , will be available for free this Friday the 16th until Monday the 19th ! If you don’t have a Kindle, they have a free download so you can read on any of your devices !! Merry Christmas !!


A line of T shirts with a rock and roll heart, from Ken Barr Designs…

Watch for new additions…

I have completed my tribute to film maker Ed Wood, with my newest movie, “PLAN TEN”. Check it out !!

The illustrator of my Yule Lads book, Danya Esposito, has had an article about her written by a prominent newspaper here in Florida, here is the link:–to-illustrate-children-s-books

The Icelandic Yule Lads is now available. With text by Ken Barr, these lads are brought to life beautifully by Danya Esposito, they are soon to be a holiday classic !!     Available on Amazon and Kindle…

Sheep Cote Meat Hook Sausage Swiper

The illustrated version of “The Icelandic Yule Lads” is now available on Kindle. If you don’t own a Kindle, they have a free app so you can read on any device. Here is the description from Amazon…

The Yule Lads have been around for many years, their story unchanged. They are a major part of the holiday season in Iceland. What I have done here is to reinterpret them, through the eyes of an outsider, and to modernize them, just a little. With my original text polished by Editor Jose M. Tirado, the Yule Lads are brought to life with all new, all original illustrations by Danya Esposito. Soon to be a holiday classic…

The cover to the latest Yule Lads Book

The cover to the latest Yule Lads Book

The Sanford Herald was nice enough to do an article on me and my career, I actually made the front page! I’ll include the article here, thanks…

The Sanford Herald article

The Sanford Herald article

Sanford Herald

In the past few days two of my films, “HALLOWED GROUND” and “HOBIE THE ELF – OUT OF BONDAGE” have been entered into a number of film festivals…

The Orlando Film Festival :

The West Florida Film Festival :

The 2050 Festival: Daytona Beach :

And many others, please watch for them…

Hallowed Ground Movie Poster

  Hallowed Ground Movie Poster

Hobie the Elf - Out of Bondage

Hobie the Elf – Out of Bondage

Ken Barr Films, in partnership with Chiola Productions have just completed principal photography on the film “Shadows Fall”, a movie the looks at life, death and what lies beyond. It has already been pre accepted to festivals. Here is the page, updates will be posted there as they occur.

Death from Shadows Fall the Movie

Mara Darrow from Shadows Fall the Movie