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This was written with someone in mind, I don’t know that they’ll ever see it, but here it is…

There’s Nothing I Can Say

No matter how I try,
Things still remain the same,
You’re far away from me,
In a way more than miles,
Further away each day.

I’ve done all that I can,
To be the one that you need,
To start a life with you,
To be everything,
Just as you are to me.

It’s been hard to admit,
But I can’t fool myself,
I’ve been trying too hard,
And avoiding the truth,
Because I wanted you.

There’s nothing I can say,
There’s nothing I can do,
To change things between us,
To have you here with me,
To be yours forever.

Without you I stand alone.

Ken Barr


My new book, “A Little Lost Sometimes”, is now available in paperback on Amazon worldwide.  Here is a book description from Amazon:

“As the title indicates, this is a collection of my published works to date. I am including my books “Moments In Time”, “Byrjar aftur”, and” Leitað að Einn”. Along with those I am including excerpts from an unpublished book, “Loves Dark Days” and also a few other never before published works. I’m hoping that by including all this work in one volume, it will be easier to see the genesis of my work, as it is ever changing. Hopefully it will continue to change, and grow. As always, thank you for taking the time to read these words. Ken Barr November 2012”

Here is a link:          

Hold Onto Your Heart

When I wasn’t looking love found me,

I’ve never felt it like this before,

At first I fought it but now I know,

I need to embrace it, hold it close.


Just to tell you, hold onto your heart,

Because you’ve already taken mine,

One day I’ll hold your heart in my hand,

And I will treasure it forever.


Hold onto my heart and I’ll hold yours,

A love that will last all of our days,

Closer than we ever knew we could,

Be, together forever as one.


You are the other half of me.


Ken Barr

Empty Without You

I’ve spent so many nights alone,

I never thought twice about it,

The nights just blended together,

So empty and solitary.


Then I spent an evening with you,

And realized a perfect night,

A magic evening that was,

Beautiful beyond measure.


It’s a wonderful memory,

One that I will hold on to, but,

Now I sit here and realize,

The nights are empty without you.


I never knew how quiet the night was.


Ken Barr

Believe in Me

I hope you can believe in me,

I’m all the things you think I am,

And I’ll always be there for you,

Without fail, I’ll always be there.


I’ll be there for all the hard times,

I’ll get you through all the rough days,

The days you think you can’t survive,

I’ll make life worth living again.


Believe that I’ll take care of you,

You are everything to me,

Believe that I’m the one for you,

Listen to your heart and you’ll know.


Believe in me.


Ken Barr

Never Fell This Hard Before

I wake up thinking of you,

You’re the first thing on my mind,

You were my last thought last night,

Constantly you are with me,

Like a guardian angel.


Thinking of you makes me smile,

And a chill goes down my spine,

I can’t wait ‘till I see you,

The thought gives me butterflies,

Like a kid on his first date.


Dreaming about you nightly,

Thinking about you daily,

These feelings are new to me,

Powerful, and I know I,

Never fell this hard before.


I’m just glad it was for you.



Ken Barr

The Table

As I sit here in my cell,

Pondering my last hours,

Asking myself which is worse,

Dying when I did nothing,

Or my legacy, the world,

Thinking I’m this criminal?


I know that I’m innocent,

But the court did not agree,

They judged me and sentenced me,

To pay the ultimate price,

For something I didn’t do,

God, can’t you stop this madness?


As I’m led to the death room,

I think about my captors,

And how they are killing me,

Will their God judge them as they,

Have judged me? After all they’re,

Murdering an innocent,

Are they beyond redemption?


I’m strapped to a table and,

Put on display as I die,

I can feel the needle pierce,

My flesh, and words are spoken,

But by now I’m somewhere else,

My disbelief and terror,

Numbing me to my own end.


As I feel the life draining,

From my body I find peace,

I forgive these poor wretches,

For they know not what they do,

I can sense the end, it’s near,

No more pain upon this earth.


Ken Barr


The Ghost of Romance

As I stumble through this empty house,

Each room a memory of its own,

Memories of better days we had,

Days filled with hopes and dreams for so much.


But now each room sits cold and empty,

A reminder that those days are gone,

The future that we planned never was,

Like each room it’s silent and empty.


Living in the shadows of what was,

And wondering about what wasn’t,

Alone with my memories and questions,

Standing here with the ghost of romance.


Ken Barr