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As I sit here next to your grave,

So overgrown and uncared for,

I think about the life you lived,

And wonder if you’re remembered.


In life you were always alone,

Looking for something or someone,

Trying hard but going nowhere,

Letting your life just pass you by.


But the sand in the hourglass,

Eventually ran its course,

In the end it found you, alone,

So many years, nothing to show.


Laid to rest on a cold fall day,

All the chapters are now written,

Yes as I look upon my grave,

I wish I had done so much more.


Ken Barr




Book Description:

The words you find here are my interpretations of life as it is today, through poetry and prose. Each day life changes and trying to capture a single moment is like trying to catch lightning in a bottle. But isn’t that what writing is? Between these covers I have placed my life as it is today, preserved for all posterity. As I look back over it, I’m sure I’ll question what I was thinking as I wrote this. But isn’t it the same when you look at old photos of yourself? You look at the clothes and haircut and think to yourself, what was I thinking? Hopefully the thoughts between these covers will be relevant longer than a haircut. I can only hope so. Thanks for reading, Ken Barr October 2012