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I have completed my tribute to film maker Ed Wood, with my newest movie, “PLAN TEN”. Check it out !!

In the past few days two of my films, “HALLOWED GROUND” and “HOBIE THE ELF – OUT OF BONDAGE” have been entered into a number of film festivals…

The Orlando Film Festival :

The West Florida Film Festival :

The 2050 Festival: Daytona Beach :

And many others, please watch for them…

Hallowed Ground Movie Poster

  Hallowed Ground Movie Poster

Hobie the Elf - Out of Bondage

Hobie the Elf – Out of Bondage

Ken Barr Films, in partnership with Chiola Productions have just completed principal photography on the film “Shadows Fall”, a movie the looks at life, death and what lies beyond. It has already been pre accepted to festivals. Here is the page, updates will be posted there as they occur.

Death from Shadows Fall the Movie

Mara Darrow from Shadows Fall the Movie


Now available, for a limited time, the official crew shirt for Ken Barr Films. Be a part of the Ken Barr Films experience, and help support future projects. Your support is appreciated.

The Official Ken Barr Films Crew Shirt !

The Official Ken Barr Films Crew Shirt !

Ken Barr Films now has a new logo, courtesy of Kimm Marie, hope you like it …

KenBarrFilms 4

We are set to roll on out Hobie movie on October 20, but start to look for it by the end of November.

Movie synopsis: Ever wonder what it’s really like up at the North Pole at Santas workshop? Having escaped, Hobie the Elf is here to tell us all the things we really don’t want to know. Brought to you by Ken Barr Films and Post FX Digital Studios.

The Official Hobie Page:


Bacon CCHobie 6


Bacon flavored candy canes, Hobies favorite food…

Here are some more images for Hobie…

Hobie 3 Hobie 4


And here’s a link to Hobies page…


My newest film, “Hobie the Elf – Out of Bondage” will be shooting on October 20, and we are expecting a late November release. My latest take on the Christmas mythology, while being interviewed, little Hobie tells us what it’s really like up at the North Pole with Santa.


Here is the Hobie page:


Hobie the Elf Card

My movie, “Conversations With The Devil” will be premiering this week, Saturday the 23rd, at the Copper Rocket Pub at 8 PM, please stop by. Thanks, Ken


The official trailer for my new movie has just been released to YouTube. Please check it out and post wherever you can, I need to spread the word. Thanks, Ken

movie poster

The movie is being premiered at The Copper Rocket Pub in Maitland , Florida March 23 at 8 PM