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I am soon embarking on a book signing tour for charity, charities local to each stop. I’m trying to raise money to increase the amount of stops I can make. Please check out my Go Fund Me….Thanks !


Wishing everyone I know a Happy Thanksgiving. To give thanks, I am giving away my book, Leitað að Einn, free this Thursday and Friday. If you can, please leave a review, every little bit helps. Hope you like it. I will provide a link, Thanks, Ken

With the upcoming holiday I have been giving a lot of thought to all the things I am thankful for.

Giving Thanks

Taking a moment to give thanks,
For all the good things in my life,
For the family that are there,
Whenever I need some support,
And for the friends in my life too.

But also I want to include,
Things that we all take for granted,
I’m thankful that the sun comes up,
And is there each day without fail,
But I’m thankful for the rain too.

I’m thankful for each day I have,
And the chance to make it special,
Each day an opportunity,
To do something exceptional,
I’m thankful just for being here.

So many small things in my life,
That make it uniquely my own,
And I’m thankful for all of them,
Even the hard times that I’ve had,
They’ve made me the person I am.

If you are a part of my life,
Or are meeting me by reading this,
I am thankful for you too.

Ken Barr

Here is a link to my book, The Interactive Home Repair Fact Checking Guide. Not really a serious book, more of a fun one. Here is the description right from the book:

Any of us that have ever repaired things around the home have always run into the same question, how to do it right. Typically, our experience tells us what to do, but many of us have someone in our lives that questions how we do our repairs. We know that we are doing the repair correctly; we just need for our doubters to know we are doing the repairs correctly. That is where this book comes in. This home repair fact checking guide is an interactive way to show that what you are attempting, and how you are attempting it, is correct. On each page you will find a heading for a different type of repair, and underneath you will find a space to write in your repair and how you are doing it. Turn the page and on the back you will find confirmation of your methods. You can even tear the page out if you want to show that certain someone. As they say, if it’s in print, it must be true.