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My newest movie, “Hobie the Elf – Out of Bondage” is in post production and will be released shortly, here is a link to the official trailer:


“Hobie the Elf – Out of Bondage” is the story of one of Santas former elves, he has escaped Santas slave labor camp and is here to tell us how things really are. But don’t worry, Santa gets equal time to tell his side. Here are some stills from the shoot :


Cast with title Hobie Stills-35 Hobie Stills-36 Hobie Stills-41 Hobie Stills-43 Hobie Stills-46 Hobie Stills-56 Hobie Stills-67 Homeless Hobie-23 Homeless Hobie-25 On the set On the set-2 On the set-5 On the set-7 On the set-8 Shana and Hobie-3 Shana and Hobie-4 Shana and Hobie-6


SantaGirls20120001I just took my girls, (dogs) for their annual holiday picture with Santa….


Merry Christmas !!