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My book, “We Are The Road Crew” is now available on Kindle. Soon it will be on other platforms as well. Here is the link :

I’ve had a lot of changes in my life recently, and have gotten away from this Blog. I am back on my feet and back on the Blog. For my first Blog I just want to send out the link to my Amazon page for those not familiar with my work. Thanks, Ken


Not so long ago I wrote a book describing my days touring as a tech with KISS, Alice Cooper, STP and many other bands. It is called “We Are The Road Crew”. On Amazon you can preview most of the book and see if you’ll like it. Thanks, Ken Barr

I have a page on Amazon where you can find my latest work. Please watch for new releases in the next week or two. Thanks, Ken

I have just started using my Facebook page for the book again, here is the link:!/pages/Ken-Barr-author-We-Are-The-Road-Crew/127325692428

If you have ever been on the road, you have seen Spinal Tap many times. Here is a classic clip from the movie,where they find that their new album cover is all black…

And here is my tribute, the “We Are The Road Crew” Black Edition.

Although when you’ve been on the road a while, travelling a lot does start to get to you. But it is still a great way to experience the world. I got to see so much, I feel really lucky.I always tried to get out and about and see what I could.