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Work is done on my latest, a book about losing love and handling the process. The book is called “Thirty-Three Wednesdays and will be available soon. Here is the cover :wednesdays hyphen.png


Hurricane IRMA was one of the biggest storms to ever grace planet earth with it’s presence. Here is a shirt that tells the world you stood tall and didn’t let IRMA beat you.

Available at :

My latest movie, “Hobie the Elf – Out of Bondage” was shot yesterday and could not have gone better. Please watch for it.

Here is a link to the page:

Santas girlfriend from the movie, played by the beautiful and talented Shana Kampf

Santas girlfriend from the movie, played by the beautiful and talented Shana Kampf

We finished filming my latest short, “Hallowed Ground” yesterday, thank you to an amazing cast and crew. I am including a link to the movie page and some pictures. Please try to follow it and give it your support. Thanks, Ken

Sasha in the Torture Chair

Sasha in the Torture Chair

Hallowed Ground Cast and Crew



Hallowed Ground Cast and Crew



Hallowed Ground Cast and Crew



Hallowed Ground Torture Table



Hallowed Ground 6 Hallowed Ground 7 Hallowed Ground Sasha Hallowed Ground part 2-9 Hallowed Ground part 2-10

Recently posted the following ad on Craigslist:

My name is Ken, and I am primarily a writer, but recently shot a short movie that is currently in post, and I also Directed and Produced. I am looking for like minded individuals interested in partnering to produce high quality short films, with the goal of getting them into festivals. I have several scripts ready to go.  All positions are currently needed.  These will be low/ no budget, but with dedicated individuals the quality can be high. I will take care of meals at the shoot and any cost associated with entering film festivals. Please e mail if interested in being part of something you can be proud of. Imagine a film group with the goal of producing movies at regular intervals.
Thanks for your time, Ken

Here is the link:


My new book, “Byrjar Aftur” will be hitting Amazon and Kindle in the next few days, please watch for it.

Thanks, Ken


A Little Lost

Wandering, always wandering,

A compass without a needle,

Around the world so many times,

Looking, but not knowing what for.


A quest, but one with no purpose,

Searching for something my heart felt,

But one my mind could not describe,

Always knowing that when I found,

The object of my long search that,

I would know it and be complete.


But after so many years and,

More miles than I remember,

I was ready to end the search,

Condemn myself to being lost,

It was at that exact moment,

Exhausted beyond words that I,

Found what I had searched for, so long.


When I saw you I knew that my,

Search could at long last be over,

My heart always knew you were there,

My body was just slow to find you,

Hold me in your arms forever,

I will never be lost again.


Ken Barr


After going over the proof copies my publisher sent me, I have decided not to release my new book, “Loves Dark Days”. The material is too personal, the emotions too raw and the events too recent in my life. Maybe someday, just not now.

Thanks for your continued support, Ken

This weekend, Saturday and Sunday,  I am making my book,  ” 10 Concepts That Can Help Improve Your Life in 10 Minutes A Day ”  free on Kindle. I am in no way trying to pass myself off as a self help expert,  far from it. I am just a guy that’s still trying to figure out life himself.  These are just 10 changes in my life that I made that helped me. Take from them what you will,  or take nothing at all.  It is after all, free.  I will include a link to the Kindle book.  And as always, thanks for your continued support.



My friend Linda is helping raise money for charity, here is a bit about their cause:

Housing Works is a healing community of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Our mission is to end the dual crises of homelessness and AIDS through relentless advocacy, the provision of lifesaving services, and entrepreneurial businesses that sustain our efforts.

Please help by donating what you can, I will provide a link.

Thank you for your support, Ken