Early on Ken had always been into music, as a three and four year old he would save his pennies and buy records with what he had. Always exposed to music through tv, and the radio, music became a passion that would last his entire life. By the age of fifteen, he was playing in bands, and also helping other bands set up. It remained this way until it became painfully obvious that it was more lucrative working for other bands. Ken soon found himself in one bar or rock club every night, all the while keeping a full time day job.

                                                           One of many club gigs for young Ken Barr

Eventually , after many years Ken finally found himself on tour with KISS, Alice Cooper, Stone Temple Pilots, and many other bands, touring the world using the skills he had learned working the clubs night after night. After many years and even more miles, in 2001 Ken decided to leave the road and took employment in the entertainment field in Central Florida.

                                                  The aftermath of an outdoor European Festival 1990

Ever restless and seeking a challenge it wasn’t long before Ken started looking for new horizons, new worlds to conquer. The first project was a short film called “Santa 26:12, a short film that Ken wrote, directed and produced, shot in his living room after work with a budget of 3 pizzas. After that came film school, and working on as many film shoots as he could, even running for coffee if need be. All the while still working full time. It wasn’t long after that Ken started writing his first book, “We Are The Road Crew” which he self published.

                   Ken and long time friend/brother Al Pitrelli from Trans Siberian Orchestra, among other projects 2011

As to the present, you will see among the different pages here the more current projects, films, movies, books, plays, it never stops. Who knows what the future will bring. I can be contacted at

                                                                  Ken Barr Now…

  1. Ken – you’re an amazing guy, and all your hard work has paid off and is to this day. Awesome. Rock on!

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