Life on the road….I toured the world as a technician for KISS, Alice Cooper, Stone Temple Pilots and many other bands. I’ve even written a book about it. With this Blog I hope to share some opinions, photos, memories, even stories from my buddies that are still out there…We’ll see…Ken Barr

As time has gone on, I have found that this Blog has become about more than just about the Rock n Roll part of my life. It is an expression of my entire life,  as it stands now. You will see here the many facets of the life I now lead. But at my core I am still an old road guy, so I’m keeping the road crew title. Thanks, Ken Barr


I can be contacted at Kbarr2@cfl.rr.com


When the Road Crew book first came out a friend put together some footage of me with music as a sort of commercial. That’s back when the book was only available on CafePress, now it is available world wide. Here’s the link:


  1. Hey – great blog! It is true that you are multi-faceted, and your new and improved blog shows it! Love all the different parts. And of course…please keep those wonderful poems coming, Ken. 🙂

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