Iceland, Christmas, The Yule Lads and other stories…

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Recently I wrote a story on Iceland’s “Yule Lads”, and it was very well received. As I truly love the culture and stories of Iceland I have done a lot of reading on it. Besides the Yule Lads, there are other holiday characters that I have found, but suprisingly, there hasn’t been much written in English. I have taken two characters, Gry’la and The Yule Cat, and have written a few short lines for each. My goal being to write about all the Icelandic characters I can find and put them all in one book. If you have any stories like these I would love to hear them. I have even gone out on a limb and given the Yule Cat a name, I’m hoping that’s OK, we’ll see. I can be reached at

Here they are :


From a time that was so long ago,

She comes from high in her icy cave,

To frighten all of the boys and girls,

And take home the ones that misbehave.


She is known far and wide as Grýla,

And once in her home, like it or not,

You will become part of her dinner,

An ingredient in her stew pot.


She and her sons the thirteen Yule lads,

So many don’t believe they are real,

But if you don’t mind both your parents,

They will have you for their winter meal.


So if you see Grýla approaching,

Be sure to be good and act your best,

‘Cause if you don’t you may find yourself,

Cooking in her cauldron with the rest.


 Ken Barr


The Yule Cat

When the Christmas holiday draws near,

She will find you, wherever you are,

She is the Yule Cat known as Úlfa,

And she comes searching both near and far.


She prowls the streets looking for children,

That didn’t get new holiday clothing,

And when she finds these poor little waifs,

She begins her holiday feasting.


Úlfa will eat all the little ones,

That did not get clothes for a present,

Searching all the towns and villages,

Finding them no matter where they went.


So when next December comes around,

Tell your family every day,

That you would like a sweater or socks,

Some new clothing for your holiday.


Ken Barr





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