New Work, “Vincent”

Posted: February 9, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Sometimes I see similarities in my life, and those that have come before me. Not that I imagine anything I leave behind to have the impact of Van Gogh, but I have always appreciated his work, and feel a certain kinship with him. I wrote this for him.


Alone, always alone, working,

Creating the art that you see,

The art that you see in your mind,

Sharing it with the world, hoping,

That they understand it, and you,

Vividly your visions take shape,

Breathtakingly beautiful,

But no one else sees the beauty,

The vision to them is obscured,

Your passion, to them is a waste,

A waste of time, a wasted life,

Toiling in obscurity,

Living in abject poverty,

Until it all finally ends,

Leaving this world just as you lived,

Alone, leaving your art behind,

Your art, your precious legacy,

If only you could have seen it,

And how it lived on beyond you,

That difficult life that you lived,

Would have meant so much more to you.


 Ken Barr

Starry Night


Starry Night, one of my favorite of Van Goghs works….


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