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Sexual slavery is a global problem with too little attention put on it. It is a human rights violation that needs to be stopped.


Waking up chained to a stone wall,

In the dark, screams in the distance,

The oppressive heat, the filthy air,

A pervading stench of lost souls,

Last night she was out at a club,

She had ordered a drink and then,

Nothing until she woke up here,

Chained, with a needle in her arm,

Bleeding, and tasting her own blood,

But that’s just the beginning here,

Soon they come for her and it starts,

The rapes, the beatings, so brutal,

The needle her only relief,

Heroin makes it bearable,

These savage things they do to her,

Soon she lets them do what they want,

For the promise of the needle,

Her dignity and life for sale,

To whoever has her next fix,

She’s become her captors’ sex slave,

Selling her body willingly,

To keep up the heroin high,

The drug they addicted her to,

She is its sex slave as well as theirs,

Fortunately, this painful life,

This life of hell she now endures,

Won’t go on forever, her life

Expectancy is nearly gone,

Dying is her only escape.

But tomorrow there will be more,

And she will be left forgotten,

Found dead in a river somewhere,

With more women being kidnapped,

For slavery every day.

How can this keep going on?

I don’t understand our world,

And I’m so ashamed for us all.

Ken Barr



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