New Work, “Icarus”

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Poetry and Prose
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Sometimes in life, nomatter how well you are doing, fortunes can be reversed and you have to start over, but what choice is there? To move forward you have to start over.


Living life just like Icarus,

Flying close enough to the sun,

To lose the wings that hold me up,

Fighting hard not to fall from grace,

Falling so far, falling so fast,

A descent unprecedented,

With an impact that shakes the world,

The impact crater has no end,

Deeper than anything before,

A subterranean prison,

If anything could have survived,

But nothing could survive that fall.


Long days and nights go by,

The crater remains undisturbed,

As a warning to others, an,

Unmarked grave for a careless soul,

A soul that tried to fly too high,

That tried to reach beyond his grasp.


But not so, eventually,

Someone emerges from the depths,

Struggling to his feet, he stands,

Broken, bleeding, barely alive,

But standing tall, strong, undeterred,

And ready to begin again.


 Ken Barr



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