New Work, “There’s Nothing I Can Say”

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Book Related, Poetry and Prose
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This was written with someone in mind, I don’t know that they’ll ever see it, but here it is…

There’s Nothing I Can Say

No matter how I try,
Things still remain the same,
You’re far away from me,
In a way more than miles,
Further away each day.

I’ve done all that I can,
To be the one that you need,
To start a life with you,
To be everything,
Just as you are to me.

It’s been hard to admit,
But I can’t fool myself,
I’ve been trying too hard,
And avoiding the truth,
Because I wanted you.

There’s nothing I can say,
There’s nothing I can do,
To change things between us,
To have you here with me,
To be yours forever.

Without you I stand alone.

Ken Barr


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