New Poem, “Mother”

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Poetry and Prose
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Something very personal for me….



Looking back I can’t remember,

Why we parted ways years ago,

I was only eighteen, too young,

To be so far away from you,

A grown man still needs his mother,

Too much hurt and too immature,

Running away all of my life.


I spent decades out on the road,

Running around the whole world and,

I think that I was just running,

I didn’t know how to look back,

Years spent trying to be a man,

But still feeling like a small child,

A small boy that missed his mother.


Trying so hard to make you proud,

Never knowing if you would know,

Stacking up more platinum and,

Gold record awards for my wall,

With each one I always wondered,

If you would be proud of your son,

If you could see all he had done.


But I waited too long and I,

Barely had time to say goodbye.



Ken Barr



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