New Poem, ” The Table “

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Poetry and Prose
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The Table

As I sit here in my cell,

Pondering my last hours,

Asking myself which is worse,

Dying when I did nothing,

Or my legacy, the world,

Thinking I’m this criminal?


I know that I’m innocent,

But the court did not agree,

They judged me and sentenced me,

To pay the ultimate price,

For something I didn’t do,

God, can’t you stop this madness?


As I’m led to the death room,

I think about my captors,

And how they are killing me,

Will their God judge them as they,

Have judged me? After all they’re,

Murdering an innocent,

Are they beyond redemption?


I’m strapped to a table and,

Put on display as I die,

I can feel the needle pierce,

My flesh, and words are spoken,

But by now I’m somewhere else,

My disbelief and terror,

Numbing me to my own end.


As I feel the life draining,

From my body I find peace,

I forgive these poor wretches,

For they know not what they do,

I can sense the end, it’s near,

No more pain upon this earth.


Ken Barr



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