” Salvation “

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Poetry and Prose
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The nightmares of my yesterdays,

Still wake me up throughout the night,

Haunted by demons from my past,

Demons that I’ve known for so long,

I know them all by their first name.


The gates of heaven stand tall and,

Strong, a fortress to keep me out,

Archangels ready for battle,

Surround this fortress called heaven,

Against these odds I have no chance.


But there was someone once I thought,

Could help me atone for my wrongs,

When the time came she wasn’t there,

Alone I am an unwelcome,

Soul accused of too many sins.


I thought you’d be my salvation,

I know I’m beyond redemption,

Destined to spend all my days,

Wandering through purgatory.


Ken Barr





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