Pushing it to the Limit and Beyond

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Book Related
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I love to work, and am very driven. Besides working my full time job, sometimes with overtime, I’m writing, helping other writers, working on my films, trying to get my writing,  music,  and film careers off the ground. I’m pushing myself hard, harder than I ever have before. But as long as the ideas keep coming it’s worth it.  I don’t recommend this lifestyle to others, this is just part of who I am. It’s normal to go weeks without a day off and days without sleep. But in my never ending quest to start my life over, I just don’t see another way. I hope that my best work is ahead of me, I recently undertook a project, writing a novel. It’s a more ambitious project than I have undertaken so far. But the idea was there, so I’m going with it. I might post a few pages here and there along the way as the project moves forward. I will continue to post my works here as I am able. Thanks again for your support. Ken


  1. A novel sounds very exciting! Looking forward to reading excerpts.
    Would you ever consider adding your poetry to music? It would go very far…

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