New Poetry and Prose

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Day to Day
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I Only Bleed When I’m Alone

 Armor plated, unbreakable,

That’s all that I let the world see,

Bullet proof, shatter proof, tempered,

Tough enough to withstand it all.


But your words can pierce my armor,

Against them I am defenseless,

I won’t let it show I’m injured,

Pride forces me to keep standing.


Standing in the face of your loss,

Such a difficult thing to do,

My armor holds me together,

And it keeps me from falling down.


When you turn and leave don’t look back,

There won’t be anything to see,

I can’t let you know that it hurts,

I only bleed when I’m alone.

Ken Barr

  1. artlesspoems says:

    It takes courage to be an artist doesn’t it. To be a great artist, one must be very honest, and you, my friend, are very honest. Lovely work.

  2. Nishajyoti Sharma says:

    Loved your poem… really touched me.

  3. I liked your poem because of its ability to transport the reader right to where you are. Thanks!

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