Like a Peasant Before a Queen

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Unrelated to the Road
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I have published a lot of prose, usually on facebook to gauge peoples reactions, and I have a book out. I am putting prose on my blog for the first time, I guess to gauge the interest. All comments welcome, thanks, Ken



 When I first gazed upon you there,

So regal in all your beauty,

I stood transfixed, it was as though,

I was looking at royalty,

From long ago, another time,

And I felt as though I could touch,

The stars in the sky before I,

Could be in the same league as you,

Like trying to kiss an angel.


Your smile, laugh, the touch of your hand,

All coalesced and took my heart,

It was yours now, and I was too,

Breathless I soon forgot about,

The space that had been between us,

My hands begin to shake as I,

Stand here humbly before you,

Asking for your heart and your love,

Like a peasant before a queen.


Ken Barr


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