My new book, “Moments In Time…..”

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Book Related
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I have written a new book, available on Kindle now and Amazon soon, it’s a transitional piece. Here’s a brief description from the book:

At different phases of my life I have been able to express myself in different ways. Lately, for whatever reason, poetry and prose have been my medium. Here I have chronicled a transitional part of my life. There have been big changes, disappointments, heartbreaks, high points, victories, you get the picture.


Each page is a day, an event, a moment in time, in my life. Each captured with a few lines. I don’t know why this is my medium, but it seems to be working. At this stage in my life, the words you are about to read have been cathartic. I have been able to work out feelings and leave certain things behind.


Before each piece I have written a few lines to describe what prompted the piece. Just an outline of what I was thinking or feeling.

Ken Barr  2012

Here is a link to the Kindle version, please watch Amazon for the paperback version:


My new book



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