My New Book, “10 Concepts That Can Help Improve Your Life In 10 Minutes A Day”

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Unrelated to the Road
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I just released a self help book today. I’m no expert, these are just thoughts that have helped me. Definetly a short book, it gets right to the point. Here’s the book description:


Ten minutes a day, not a lot of time. But just spend that much time each day with these concepts, and watch the change. One of the first things you have probably already noticed about this book is its size, or rather its lack of size. You are probably thinking, “I’ve seen a lot of so called self help books before, and they are usually pretty big”. Well, you are right. A lot of books out there are of a good size, but when you break them down, you have a lot of repetition, a lot of case studies, “Here’s what Bob Smith has to say about what I’m saying”. That sort of thing. Who has time for that? I don’t. What I have done here is to break down each concept to its bare bones, leaving you only what you absolutely need; the concept to do with what you will. Who cares what Bob Smith thinks? I will lay out the tools that have worked for me, and I am sure that we are all smart enough to read them and apply them to each of our own lives. Anyway, that’s why this book is so small. I have too much respect for your time and your intellect to weigh you down with a bunch of examples and other filler material. Everyone’s lives are different, so the application of these concepts will be different as well. Our lives are all too busy to be bogged down in a lot of material we don’t need. The concepts are on the pages that follow, so please peruse at your own pace, we will all get there. I have even left a place behind each concept for you to leave yourself notes of what you did that worked.


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