Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow Tour

Posted: June 18, 2011 in Road Life
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In 1995 I was hired to do the “Stranger in Us All” tour with Rainbow. As my friend Greg Smith was playing bass and also got me the gig, I figured I would be working for him, and so did he. I ended up working as the keyboard tech. The keyboard player, Paul Morris , had a lot of keyboards, a Hammond B3 organ , and 2 Leslies. Setting it up and tearing it down were a lot of work, but during the show I didn’t have a lot I had to do, which was a first for me. I got to listen to great Rainbow and Deep Purple songs every night. The band on that tour were all really good musicians. I have a clip here from that tour.



  1. John says:


    I was at the Hammersmith Apollo for both nights, the 1st night especially was out of this world. I know the full, true story behind the disappearnce of Ritchie’s guitar that night, amazing story !

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