Tokyo Japan, have to go see George Silk

Posted: June 4, 2011 in Pictures, Road Buddies, Road Life
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I have mentioned earlier my friend George Silk in Japan. He was a shopkeeper that sold Kimonos and all the other touristy stuff you would want. But his sales approach was unique. he would invite you in to hang out and give you beer. If there were enough of you, he would invite you back for a barbecue. He had this little patch of grass in front of his store where he set up his grill and chairs, it was awesome. I have photos here with the 1990 Cooper band and crew at the BBQ, T Bone Carradonna, Ralph, Batty, Eric Singer, Al Pitrelli, Derek Sherinian, Putter T…Everyone came out. We hung together like brothers on that tour.

  1. Linda Tillery says:

    Hello Al and friends – I too had a wonderful visit with George Silk. Back in the nineties while touring with Bobby McFerrin and Voicestra, a fellow Alto (Rhiannon) and I ventured into George’s shop. While climbing the stairs to George’s, I couldn’t help noticing all the photos he had of himself with various American boxers. Two photos that stood out were of George with Muhhamed Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard. Once inside, we introduced ourselves and George rolled out the red carpet.

    He had diet coke on hand and Marlboro Lights – both were favorites of mine at the time. The amount of goods that George had crammed into this space was dazzling! And I, being a black belt shopper, broke into a sweat and quickly set about ridding myself of a weeks’ per diem. Rhi and I spent about 2hrs. with George that day.

    Back at the hotel, we told everyone about the boxer photos, the chickens in George’s small yard and the plethora of goods that lay waiting to be bought. I think that everyone in the group eventually ended up at George’s. He knew how to reel you in. It was a fun experience and I often think of George. I’ve kept his business card as a reminder of his unique personality and that pleasant time.

    Linda Tillery – Vocalist

  2. scotty says:

    i went to georges and bought silks back in the day it was really cool is he still there 2014

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