Excerpt from my book “We Are The Road Crew”

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Book Related
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Here is an excerpt from my book, the story here takes place during the 1990 Alice Cooper “Trash” tour.

                                                 Trash in Australia

We landed in Sydney, where we had a day off. It’s a great city to spend time in. Between the Opera House, Bondi Beach, Tooronga Park Zoo, and The Rocks, this is what they call their area with a lot of pubs, one of the best pub crawls around. There was something for everyone to do. Usually I will try to do it all.

I struck out on my own for a bit, a lot of the guys wanted to crash after the flight. But we all did make a plan to go to Tooronga and see some kangaroos and other local animals. It was a short ferry ride across the harbor. It’s a great wildlife sanctuary with amazing facilities for the animals.

The shows were all in good size buildings and as I said we had multiple nights in Melbourne and Sydney. We were able to see a lot of the country and this leg of the tour also had a stop inNew Zealand. All in all a great trip with a lot of sight seeing and pub crawls.

The only real incident I remember on this leg was inMelbourne. We were there for two shows, so on the morning of the second show Ralph, Pete from the band, and I all decided to go to Healesville Animal Sanctuary in the morning, as we weren’t due at the gig until four in the afternoon.  Healesville is about an hour outside the city, and one of the promoters’ people with a van decided to take us. It was a great trip, but on the way back, on an infrequently used country road, we got a flat. No big deal, we have a spare, but it turned out, no tools. Here we were in the woods on a gig day with no tools to change our flat. This was also back when cell phones were not as common as they are now. One or two cars passed by, but no one stopped to help. After a while I tried getting the lug nuts off the tire with my Leatherman, which is a light duty multi tool I always carried. Ralph and I took turns working on the lug nuts and after about an hour, success. We were on our way to the gig, dirty, but not late.

Australia was great and New Zealandwas beautiful. In Auckland we played a venue called The Supertop, which was an outdoor gig with a tent roof. And of course it rained. It rained hard with heavy winds. The tent started leaking; it was raining on us and coming in sideways. And as is always the case, the gig turned out to be a great one. This was our last show before heading back to the States. On the way home we would be stopping in Hawaii, for a week’s vacation on Maui.

Shep, Alice’s manager lived onMaui, so it was decided that anyone that wanted could stop there on the way home, and stay for a week. Condos were rented for us, and Shep had open house at his place every day. There was always food and drink, and his house was on the beach so the view was beautiful.

There was always something to do for those that wanted. One day Shep arranged for a sailboat for all of us. Another day was a luau at his place. It was just a great trip. Sitting on the beach in Maui I found myself again thinking back on the club days, and laughing to myself about where I was. It didn’t seem real.



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